Saturday, January 11, 2014

How I fixed my iPhones 4S broken WiFi in iOS 7

After upgrading my iPhone 4S everything worked just fine for quite a while. One day though I've noticed that I'm not connected to WiFi. Wired I thought, so I've reset the device and the problem was gone.

Couple of days later I got the same problem but this time neither resetting the phone nor the network settings have fixed the problem.

After digging on the internet for a couple of minutes I've stumbled upon an unusual solution:
  1. Heat up the iPhone with a hair dryer until you get a temperature warning pop up saying “iPhone needs to cool down before your can use it.” (Have a cloth ready, the iPhone will get really hot).
  2. Once this message appears, pop your iPhone into the fridge for 10 minutes to allow it to cool down.
Once that’s done—Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should work again.

I think there is a risk that you can damage your device, but since I'm out of guarantee I thought I'd try it to save time resetting the phone (I couldn't find a single post saying that resetting would fix the problem), contacting Apple and last but not least $200 for a fixing the phone. I've thought if I break it, I'll have to pay the $200 anyway, so why not try it? I wouldn't have tried it, if I had guarantee though.

Happy iPhone drying!


Two days after installing the 7.0.6 iOS Security Update, WiFi has stopped working again. It looks like I have to fire up my hair dryer again!

The hair dryer did the trick again! $200 + $200 = $400 saved so far!


  1. It worked... I have tried every thing else, Apple support advice done nothing.
    I ordered a new Iphone 5s an thought stuff it nothing to loose and hey presto wifi is back on.

  2. DO NOT do this. This is hard on your phone and will damage the battery. To fix this wifi problem just change the name of your phone in Settings -> General -> About -> Name. Works every time.

    1. I did it and my iPhone works great, but you're right, there's always a risk. Next time it breaks I'll try your approach.

    2. no it doesn't. I switched the name and the problem is the same.

    3. It didn't fix the problem, after the 7.0.6 update broke my WiFi again. The hair dryer did the trick again. Thanks for your comment though!

    4. I changed the name of my phone like you said Eric but it didn't work. still have the same problem.

  3. To turn the WiFi back on go to settings -> General -> reset -> reset network settings. It works really well

  4. none of these are working for me please help me

  5. none of these are working for me please help me